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A wonderful Island

The Pico Island is the second largest island in the Azores in the North Atlantic.
It has an area of 447 square kilometers, a coastline with 151.84 km in length and a number of 31 islets between large and small.
It has a resident population of 14114 inhabitants.
On top of this majestic volcanic mountain, Pico Mountain, culminates a peak pronounced by the Little Pico or Piquinho.
This is the highest mountain in Portugal and the third highest mountain emerging from the Atlantic, reaching 2351 meters above sea level.


"Pico is the most beautiful, the most extraordinary island in the Azores, with a beauty that only belongs to it, with a wonderful color and with a strange power of attraction is more than an island. - Is a statue raised to the sky and dented by fire - is another Northwind as the Cape of Storms. "- Brandao, Raul

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