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The Azores Archipelago is located in the Atlantic Ocean at 760 nautical miles (1408 km) from Lisbon and 2110 nm (3910 km) from New York, extending on an area oriented from southeast to northwest between the meridians 25º-31º 15’ western longitude and the parallels 36º-39º 45’ northern latitude.

The Adega do Gato and the Adega Nunes are located on the island of Pico.

Pico island sits around the 2351 m high volcano which gave it its name. It has an oblong shape, is 42 km long and 15,2 km wide with a total area of 447 km2.

A high plain with secondary volcanic cones ends at the sea with a steep coastline, the lower land on the east side ends with smooth hillsides. 

The island is located at 28º 20’ western longitude and 38º 30’ northern latitude.

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