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The Adegas are located in the locality of Calhau, Piedade, Municipality of Lajes do Pico

Piedade was funded around 1506. 
Piedade is a village which lives from agriculture, fishing and viniculture. One can see the tipical wine corrals built from the volcanic stones resulting from the cleanup of the fields. These stone walls help protecting the wine from the wind.

Piedade has a population of approx. 900 persons and is one of the most developed villages of Pico island. It has got two fishing harbours, a park with a large variety of plants and the tipical stone houses revealing the hard work of our ancestors.

A lighthouse is located at the endpoint of the island in the locality Manhenha. Piedade has restaurants, bars, a grocery store and two banks. 

The Adegas were originally the houses where our ancestors produced the traditional Pico wine, the vinho de cheiro.

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